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RESTAURANT Hood Cleaning

Professional Hood Cleaning

When you cook, grease and smoke escape your kitchen through your hood system, which passes through filters and out to the exhaust fan on the roof. At Rujo Hood Cleaning, we clean every bit of the hood, from top to bottom, to reduce the risk of fires and to increase the lifespan of your greatest investment.

All commercial kitchens, big and small, in the Houston, TX area are required to get regular kitchen exhaust hood cleanings to reduce hazards and increase cleanliness in the work area.



commercial kitchen hood

Hood Cleaning


Commercial kitchen hood cleaning is required by the state Fire Marshals, health inspectors, insurance companies, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Insurance companies generally require Houston hood cleaning companies to leave a certificate indicating the date of the cleaning/inspection as well as the service company name. If there were any areas that were not cleaned for any reason, the must be in writing as well.

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State Fire Marshals and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires all restaurants with kitchen hoods to be inspected by a properly trained, qualified and certified company in accordance with the following:


Service Benefits

Complete System Clean

We clean more than just your hood. We clean the filters, duct, and fan for optimal results.

Access Panel Cleaning

Stay compliant with NFPA 96 codes with an access panel cleaning and inspection with every system cleaning.

Lubricate Fan Bearings

We always lubricate fan bearings to prevent the metal from wearing down.

Light bulb replacement

We clean grease covered bulbs and replace old and broken bulbs as needed for your convenience.

Before & After Photos

SEE the difference our cleaning makes. We provide before & after photos of every cleaning.

Air Filter Cleaning

Improve air quality, prevent fires, and keep your system in tip-top condition by keeping your air filters clean.

Replace Fan Belt

We offer fan belt replacement at no extra charge to keep your kitchen up and running.

Equipment line Cleaning

To complete your hood cleaning, we clean everything from the back wall to the equipment line!

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