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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Providing a professional clean, every time!

At Rujo Hood cleaning, we offer commercial kitchen cleaning services to keep your kitchen running smooth. Our services not only enable a clean and welcoming environment, but keep you compliant and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Hood cleaning

We offer full service hood cleaning services in the Houston area. We go above and beyond for each and every one of our cleanings. Click to learn more.

oil filtration

​Our microscopic oil filtration process is used to extend the lifespan of cooking oil while improving the quality and taste of restaurant foods!

exhaust fan hinges

No more heavy lifting! We install exhaust fan hinges for easy access to the fan and duct for quick cleaning and servicing.

Equipment sanitation

We sanitize and sterilize kitchen equipment to remove layers of unwanted buildup to keep your restaurant up to code and to cook for more evenly.

Pressure washing

Remove gum, grease and other buildup from concrete sidewalks, loading docks & dumpster areas for a more clean and welcoming entrance.

grease containment

Save yourself the time and money from having to scrape layers of grease from your roof or worse, having to get an entirely new roof!

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