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5 Ways to Increase Traffic at Your Restaurant

Are you looking for ways to increase foot traffic at your restaurant? Below, we’ve listed five great ways to help increase foot traffic to maximize your revenue.

1. Utilize Your Google Listing to the Max

Did you know most people look up a business online before visiting in person? Here’s what you can do to make your Google listing stand out:

  • Make sure your address and store hours are accurate (be sure to add in holiday hours as well!)

  • Upload photos of your menu and food items

  • Ask your customers for reviews (or impress them so much they’ll want to write a review!)

  • Share regular updates on your listing to help improve Google Maps results

2. Keep a Clean Storefront

What’s the very first thing people see before walking into your restaurant?

Your storefront!

A dirty storefront can be a huge turn-off for most, causing them to reject your restaurant before they even step foot into the building. When potential customers see a dirty storefront, they often picture an unsanitary kitchen.

Though it depends on the traffic at your business, we recommend power washing your building and its surroundings at least twice a year to not only keep up appearances, but to keep it sanitary.

The commercial cleaners at Rujo Hood Cleaning and Services provide professional power washing services to ensure your business is in tip-top shape.

3. Keep Your Equipment Clean

There are SO many perks of regular kitchen equipment cleanings. Here are just a few:

  • A more even cooking on equipment such as ovens and flat tops

  • Fresher tasting food with fryer cleanings

  • Greater air circulation with a kitchen hood cleaning

  • Reduced fire risk

  • A sanitary workspace and dining area

With great tasting food and a clean restaurant, your chances in repeat customers increase.

Oh, and of course, your restaurant likely won’t burn down!

4. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service goes a long way!

Think about it. How many times have you said “I’m never going back there” after dealing with a rude employee, whether it be in the restaurant industry, at a store nearby, or even a cell phone company.


Remember: happiness is contagious. People want to see smiling faces and be around pleasant, welcoming, and helpful people.

Going back to the Google reviews, exceptional customer service can land you some really great reviews that entice new people to give your restaurant a try.

5. Offer Discounts

Discounts are a great way to get both repeat customers and new customers.

But how do you reach those customers without spending a ton of money?

There are many ways! Here are a few ideas below:

  • Attach a coupon with the customers bill with a note stating it’s good for their next visit

  • Offer a discount or free dessert if they check in on Facebook (this gets their friends interested too!)

  • If you’ve collected email addresses, send out an email campaign with a coupon

  • Create a Facebook ad campaign targeting people in the area and use the targeting options to reach people who might be interested in your type of food

If you have any other ideas, feel free to list them below in the comments, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Looking for help cleaning your restaurant? Contact your reliable commercial cleaners at Rujo Hood Cleaning, the hood cleaning company of Texas.


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