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5 Things You Need to Check if Your Kitchen Hood System is Down

It’s 5AM and you’re getting ready to turn on the “open” sign at your restaurant. However, as you’re preparing for the day, you realize your kitchen hood system won’t turn on. In order to operate your business, you need your hood system properly working – otherwise you’re unable to cook, meaning you’re losing money for the day.

Whatever you do, don’t panic! It’s likely a quick and simple fix. To save time, we encourage you to check the following five things before calling your kitchen hood cleaner.

Download the checklist below to make sure you’re able to get your restaurant up and running in case you’re unable to get your hood system working.

1. Check if the circuit breakers are turned on

Look for the breaker box at your restaurant and check to make sure all of the proper switches are on.

A circuit breaker may be located anywhere in the building but will likely be in the kitchen area.

2. Check if the hood switches are turned on

After a kitchen hood cleaning, a technician may not switch the range hood switch back on, enabling it to turn on and do its job.

3. Make sure your hood filters are clean

Failing to keep your hood filters clean may result in damage to the entire hood system, as the buildup may block in the grease and smoke, which can cause fire.

The hood filters are located just inside the hood. We recommend a basic cleaning every week to reduce buildup and prevent the system from having to work harder than it needs to (resulting in a longer lifespan, too!).

4. Make sure the fan belts are turning properly

If a fan belt happens to get off course, your hood will have a difficult time either turning on or allowing grease and smoke to escape.

The fan belt is located on the outside of the hood system, generally on the roof of your restaurant.

5. Ensure the roof service switch is turned on

Not all restaurants have a roof service switch, but if your restaurant does, make sure to check it’s on. If the switch if off, the hood will not run.

If you’re still unable to get your kitchen hood system running, we recommend contacting your hood cleaner or hood repair company as soon as possible to reduce down time. To contact your Houston hood cleaner, please call Rujo Hood Cleaning at 832-639-4115.


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